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Ready to accessorize and maximize your Harry Potter fandom? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to FOCO’s Slytherin Shop, home to the best officially licensed Slytherin merch and Harry Potter gear! Have your fandom in the palm of your hand, er, on your wrist with these Slytherin friendship bracelets and Harry Potter friendship bracelets to help you get in on the latest accessory craze! These Slytherin accessories will make your wrist stand out in the crowd at home or on the go! When you slip these Slytherin beaded friendship bracelets on, you’ll add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit and help take your look from drab to fab, all with some sweet adult friendship bracelets. After all, there’s no better way for you and your besties to prove you’re the most stylish fans in every room you step into than by rocking some Slytherin bracelets! This is the fresh fan fashion a true passionate fan like you deserves! Pick up a 3 pack friendship bracelet featuring your favorite designs to display with your fan fit with colored gem beads to amp your fandom up to a perfect ten in the form of cool friendship bracelet patterns. You’re sure to find a friendship bracelet string for you with so many exciting styles to choose from. But don’t keep all this awesomeness to yourself! Get your friends and family in on the fun by securing matching bracelets to wear while you watch your favorite shows and movies! You can even have a friendship bracelet exchange with your fellow fans! Trust us – it’s a great way to make new friends and share your spirit! You can even pass the time while travelling, at a concert, or in line at the concession stand at the movie theatre! Looking for the perfect Slytherin gifts for your friends, family, or fellow fans? Get them these matching friendship bracelets and put a smile on their faces! These are the perfect fan gifts for any birthday, holiday, or special occasion! While you’re at it, you can even secure a gift for yourself, thanks to our Slytherin sales, deals, discounts, and clearance sales! Because frugal fans like you want to find the best gear at the best prices. With so many bead bracelet designs to choose from, you’ll always know how to make friendship bracelets a part of your fan fit when you want to stylishly show off your spirit at home, with your friends, or on the go!